In the second Viscountess novel:

John is forced to go back home to the US, only to have the Viscountess, Miss Smith and Uros visit him and his family- to convince John to join another investigation right away.

Because a blog has been found, and it has all the internet in an uproar.
It’s being written by a man known to be dead, yet his next of kin swear it has details that only he could know.

In regular installments, the dead and buried man writes about his journey to Latin America, where his body was indeed found.
There, while responding to questions about the afterlife, he describes meeting a young local woman who will help him achieve his goal of climbing a sacred mountain.

It’s a mystery the Viscountess cannot withstand, even as she recovers from the losses of her previous adventure. 

Especially since the dead man is Katherine Smith’s father.


 Sound like fun?

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